Founded in 2012. We offer an online shop for anyone in Ireland wishing to buy quality electronics online at low price delivered directly from PRC. All the things you see accessible to buy on are in stock, physically secured on our warehouse racks, passing on every country on the planet.


We provide complete 12 months assurance on all our digital products. Most other supplier’s online selling websites provide a much smaller interval of assurance or no assurance at all.

Vision Statement:

Show the world validity all active deck, quality in equipment & contraptions and significance in organization.


Our business philosophy is direct “Quality for less

We have to provide for your extraordinary equipment at China Prices. Our customers rely on upon us to supply them with the latest Chinese hi tech electronics at the best expenses. We set quality first.

All the things we source from Chinese modern offices, professionally investigated for quality and well-being benchmarks. All stock is quality controlled in-house by our fulfilled QC team.

Better Prices

Discounts begin at just 3-5pcs. Mass demands largely referred to shockingly better expenses. Costs cut down every single week.


Ask for on the web, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Secure portion through PayPal. Experts and inventors keep the site easy to use. We’re ceaselessly including idiosyncrasies and upgrading usability in light of your information

Faster Delivery

Demands sent by errand person, for instance, DHL, UPS and FedEx; connect your doorstep inside an ordinary in 5 days. Shipments are guaranteed for powerful movement and tractable on the web.