Keep track of your movements each day

Keep track of your movements each day Another cool Android 4.4 feature is the power to track the steps you take each day, as well as differentiate between walking, running, cycling and climbing. This ability hasn’t been leveraged as much … Continued

Use Wi-Fi to determine your location to save battery

Previously with Android, determining your location was based almost solely on GPS, which consumes a fair amount of battery life. Android 4.4 now comes with three modes for this functionality. High accuracy uses GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile network signal to … Continued

Taste the next generation with ART runtime

Android uses Dalvik runtime by default, which is described as a “just in time” compiler. That means it does all of the application processing as and when it’s required. Moving forward, Google is looking to use ART runtime, which is … Continued

Limit background processes to improve battery life and performance

If you’re finding that your phone’s performance starts getting a little glitchy at times, you can reclaim control over how your phone operated by accessing the developer options in settings. Here you get to control how many background processes your … Continued

Switch on Developer Mode

Developer mode used to be a part of Android’s settings menu that was easily accessible, but recently Google has hidden it away to prevent users from tinkering too much. However, it’s still fairly easy to discover if you know what … Continued

Fire up Google Now with just your voice

It’s possible to activate Google Now – Android’s answer to Siri – simply by saying “OK Google”. When you’re on the home screen, simply utter those two words and you’ll be prompted to speak your next command, which can be … Continued

Check out the KitKat easter egg

Each version of Android has a special little hidden interactive animation to show off the version of Google’s software you’re running. It’s one of the more lighthearted parts of the system. To find this easter egg, you have to to … Continued

How to cloud print from your phone

Cloud Print has been available in Android for quite a while, but now it has been fully embraced by all the main printer manufacturers, it’s more useful than ever. What it lets you do is wirelessly send documents to print … Continued

How to turn off the keyboard buzz vibrate and noise

One of the first things you might want to consider switching off on your phone is the vibration feedback when you press a key on your phone’s keyboard. It can get annoying, and uses up battery too. You’ll find the … Continued

Encrypt your phone for hardcore security

Things like gesture unlocks and passwords are fine if you’re just trying to stop your friends from tweeting or facebooking using your account while you leave your phone for a moment. But you need more if you want to keep … Continued

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