Android_Projector_with_Android 4.4
Android 4.4 LED HD Projector “DroidBeam II” – WiFi, 2000:1, 3000 Lumens (Black)
The “DroidBeam II ” Android video projector will bring High Definition entertainment to your living room. Watch movies in the comfort of your home in incredible 250 inch HD cinema format or hook up your game console to this 3000 lumens HD LED projector and enjoy larger than life projection.
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HD_ LED_ Projector_ HD_ Dream_1
HD LED Projector “HD Dream” – 2000:1, 1280×768, 3000 Lumens (Black)
The "HD Dream" truly packs a punch which brings you a movie theater experience while staying in the comfort of your own home. Featuring 1280x768 720p resolution (up-scaling to a massive 1280x1024 and 1366x768 resolutions), every image displayed is in as high quality as your HD TV without the bother or cost of a massive screen to instal in your home.
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Dual Core LED Projector – Android 4.4 OS,1.4GHz CPU, 3200 Lumens, Wi-Fi Support
You can use the pre-installed Android 4.4 operating system to access one of the most popular platforms and arguable the best in the world today. Download and install applications from the Google Play store by using the built-in Wi-Fi antenna to connect online, so you can update your Facebook, look at videos of cats or argue with strangers on forums, the possibilities are endless.
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HD LED Projector – 3800 Lumens, 1280×768 Resolution, 2000:1 (White)
Making use of a high end 5.8 inch LCD panel this LED projector uses DPI technology that provides a crystal clear image for 1280x768 resolutions and beautiful images displayed at a distance between 26 to 114 inches for full life, immersive viewing.  An output of 3800 lumens ensures vibrant rich colors resulting in sharper and brighter images. Has  input ports for USB, HDMI, AV, YpBpRb and even VGA so you can easily connect your computer, TV box, flash drive or games console making this high end LED projector and all round winner whatever you needs may be.
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3500_Lumen_5_8_Inch_LCD_panel_1280x768 Resolutions_
3500 Lumens Projector – 1280×768 Resolutions, 1000:1 Contrast Ratio, HDMI
Traditionally home projectors were extremely expensive but thanks to modem technology any home can now afford the fun and enjoyment that comes with a home movie projector. This 5.8 Inch LCD projector is a prime example and displays fantastic images at 1280x768 resolutions and with a 100watt LED lamp it produces 3500 lumens so you won’t need to black out the room to enjoy the big screen experience in your own home.
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STA-ProHome PH5 LED Projector – 30 To 150 Inch Image, HDMI, 2500 Lumens
This projector is capable of creating a display from 30 to 150 inch - perfect for a meeting room, session cinema or home cinema. The LED lighting system projects amazing image onto your wall at a 2000:1 comparison rate.
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